Sunday, May 6, 2012

hey, you! 'zerocommonsense'!

haliuu. salam bloggie .

look, yeah. read it man! 'i never argue, i just explain why i'm right'. firstly, i would like to mention that i am really pissed off with YOU. yes, i think you know it already. Yes, im not the reason that things happened but still i have to suffer it too. so, pliz, i think you are really OLD to act like child. sometimes, when youngster talk to those people who more older than them, they think that was rude and wrong. this is really 'kampungan' for me. althought we still YOUNG but i think i am mature enough to think those bad things or good things. see? i mature enough ok? sorry for saying this but sometimes people tend to burst into anger when things come TOO MUCH.

one thing , i wanna say to you, "stop it"  i hate this drama so damn much. if im not involve in this drama, maybe yes i can just ignore it. but you involve me and i hate so much. pliz, stop it or i gonna blame you forever and ever. i think you shoud starts to forgive people around you and think back what stupid things you have done and i just wanna let you know that what you have done > HURTING PEOPLE. so please. dont tell me that you have "ZERO COMMON SENSE" ! pliz , be mature .

ps: i love both of you much. but , can you guys pliz? hmmm :/

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