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My belated new year resolution

Asssalamualaikum 😊😊

It's been a long long long while since my last post, right! Haha. Hello everyone for those who reading  or maybe hi to me since im very sure i will read this post again. Hihi. Seriously, i do miss this blog, being a blogger, blogwalking where i used to do when im in high sch. , my bloggers friends. Ahh i miss everything. How the time fly soooo fast and yet we didnt realize it. 😕 The purpose of writing this post is same with my 'old' mission which i want to keep all my memories so that i can read it back again. Haha. Its fun to read it back tho 😁😁 
Currently im in my hometown KK, Sabah since it's a semester break. I just finished my fifth semester at University Malaysia Pahang 😊 which means i will be in my sixth sem for next sem. Three sem to go, i just doesnt realize it. It feels like yesterday I feel soo damn sad to leave my hometown and now it just three sem to go.  I wish my journey at UMP will be smooth, the fyp will success and i can fini…