Friday, February 6, 2015

My belated new year resolution

It's been a long long long while since my last post, right! Haha. Hello everyone for those who reading  or maybe hi to me since im very sure i will read this post again. Hihi. Seriously, i do miss this blog, being a blogger, blogwalking where i used to do when im in high sch. , my bloggers friends. Ahh i miss everything. How the time fly soooo fast and yet we didnt realize it. 😕 The purpose of writing this post is same with my 'old' mission which i want to keep all my memories so that i can read it back again. Haha. Its fun to read it back tho 😁😁

Currently im in my hometown KK, Sabah since it's a semester break. I just finished my fifth semester at University Malaysia Pahang 😊 which means i will be in my sixth sem for next sem. Three sem to go, i just doesnt realize it. It feels like yesterday I feel soo damn sad to leave my hometown and now it just three sem to go.  I wish my journey at UMP will be smooth, the fyp will success and i can finish my intership faster hihi. It feels soooo stuffed here at pahang, haha. Since i think it's not toooo late to post my new year resolution, i will write here. Kahkah. Yeah, my typical resolution.

Emysya's humble new year resolution kehkeh :

🌸 Keep loving and forgive people
🌸 Be positive
🌸 Be diligent since laziness iz my bff since i was born 😝
🌸 Set the heart to get closer to God
🌸 Hold tight the responsiblity to take a good care of my family
🌸 Be a good daughter, sister, friend and student
🌸 Pass my final year project smoothly
🌸 Get a good place for intership
🌸 Hope mama, bapa and my brother will be healthy for this whole year and for the next thousand years

Truthfully, at first i didnt want to set any goals since it will be the same. The goals remain be a goals, nothing will be achieve. Hahaha. But I think I have to give myself chance to be a better EMI 😊😊 But still my main goal is to always be happy. For me happiness is everything, people can't buy happiness. So guys, stay happy and healthy. Let's spread positive vibes and keep loving 💋

Emi Syakilah Takhta,
3rd Year Student of UMP 💋