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lets fly aaaa ~

Salam :) Halliuu semua. 
yeah~ but im writing this post on 23.Disember . LOL!
btw, it is very damn fun damn fun coming home.
seems like my home is my only love~
haha :DD

come back here early with escape 2 day classes is totally rude stuff. but what to do? ;p
my mom need me more ! yaw~ feel free. feel good.

okay, today nak cer sikit pasal presentation product promotion kami hari tu. since all members in our group is really head-connected ( kepala kiut bersambung ) so u know what, its horrible. kerja kami byk buat last minute. we spend our time almost for makan n merepek~ look. mula2 happy kunun 1grup, last2 disaster. haha. but its okay then right? okay...jom dgr cer pasal nak siapkan kan banner kmi tu.

firstly, kami nak buat banner guna crayon.. but Allan told me that banner yg kmi bt spruh jalan tu looks messy sikit sbb kotor kan~ so that we decided to use watercolour. n the results was very good. rmi PUJI tu POSTER! smpi English Lecturer kmi p take p…

glee club : oh leupooouutt!

Salam.. Heyyo guys.. 
Seems be too long i didnt post anythng here :)
Woahhh. This is sem two life.

Glimpsing back to sem 1 life thres some sweet moments n sour.. 
Im okay wth tht..
Here i meet a lots of frenz.. Okay lets make it clear.. Ni la my best friendzzz flm pic tu..

Nadz. Belle. Zainul. Allan :)
Tu yg plg rpt.. Act kmi satu tuo smua rpt.. Tp ni geng gilak music ng aku.. Bestt..

Why glee club? 
Best. We are joining glee cmption. 
Yeah we gonna sing danfe n act..
Aftr satu satu aku ikt..adeh.. Haha

Xpa.. Ni stu journey..
May Allah bless...

Till then bye peeps!
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