Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mr.Guigui ku sayang

salam smua :)
hye followers, readers, friends, family, guys, girls, boys, hey hye ! ;p
hey youu! hey wale2x *ikut style samseng berhati kiut (awang) lol..

sebenarnya saya happy sgt2 sebab one of my new year's resolution already comes true, yes, with just a little bit braveness, i got it. actually, this is not the one my new years resolution but also my budak-budak-dreams but till my age 18 barulah i got this dream come true.

feeling dia yeah .. happy to get it..  but the most important things is ? can i play that THING? awww. its totally awful , you know! You have to sacrifies your sweet smooth fingers tip to very-rough-fingerstip. serious. Im. sure you guys must like "what is it?" . HAHA :) let me show youuu  all ,

sorry x sempat maw rotate , hek3

itss MR.GUIGUI , the one n the onlyyy my guitarr. okayy, guitar ni deah lama dah beli, i mean last month la:) CREDIT to AWANG and BELLE sbb sudi tlong tgk ney guitar, n to Kak Ju, Nadz, Edong, Dayang n lain2 yang temankan tu pun thnx yaa beb! sudi wasting your time for accompanyy me to buyy this guitar. thnxxx ! love u guys deep deep !

p/s :: crazytothemaximum, guitarmakesmecrazy, ohyeahh!