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i hate this part !

yaay ! i feel like * like * like ? what ? im so sooo saD .

well ya. my besties Dewy [ dewy sandwicch ] will moves to ASRAMA. she gonna be asrama's girl. omg. thats makes me feel so so so sad. why ?

yeahh. why ? css i gonna mish her so damn much. she is ma guwd frenz though we olwez like *fighting2 . eeeww. wht? haha.

im lost for a few minutes when Dewy told me that . i dont know why ? n i dont want to know. maybe ? oh gosh. why should diz happen ? hurm. i try to accept this buuuuttttttttttttt. i still can't. such feeling's resentment. yeah, though.

what i can says to u. i dont know.

* SMS-ing together at the midnites .
** laughing towards our exam result
*** miss to chill-out with u for waiting extraclass
**** hanging out with our bro [ nick ] n many more !!

i gonna miss that moments . i know we are still frenz. we still sit together in our class but that is so so different.

i dont know why i should feel like this ?
maybe i love u so much [ as prenz ok ]
we're not gudpwenz in form1 .
but u still chill with us when theres no teacher in class, right.
Allah put in order these things . i knew it.
so then, we turned to be gud pwenz in form 2 or 3 . forgot.

u gain me spirit , dear . when there's some KRISIS btween me n ****

thanks. maybe i just like randoming [ wah ! ] around. but. ya. i wont u do dat ! but u should. yeah. again, Allah put-in-order this . i gonna mish so much . u're my GUDPRENZ


  1. owh dear...dont be too juz for a while...juz 5 month...u have more tym with her at class...
    but i know it not the ordinary thing to u...
    but juz face it for her own gud...
    we want her 2 be r gud gurl k..hehhehe
    let her do the best 4 her spm k....
    but i wish she wont do something like i done before...owez remainding her abaut that arh...
    mizz u so much mey.....u n zed r my bez fren since form 4..its too hard 4 me...n a;so u..k....daa....

  2. omg nana,
    im so sorry nanutt.
    i seems to be stupid coz i nvr realize ur comments here.
    so so sorry :)
    miss u nan, even i take too long of time to reply ur comments :) luve u so much. hope can meet u again :)


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