Saturday, May 29, 2010

stop being random .

swingging mood ~

no exact point .

just started .

shall i ?

looking deep into it. im tired. tired to be a victim of feeling's resentment .

sometimes its nice to be CRUEL .
but its GOOD to be nice .

i miss those moments .
why should diz happened to me ?

i hve tried too much .
but im still lose .
me ! me is a loser .
but i try to steady as well as what FARID said.

i've do somethings .
stupid ~!
forgives me .

i knew it.
but ~
i need a spirit to walk to the next chap .
i've no ones to talk to .
only YOU .

please gives me FIGHTER SPIRIT to walk this world .
to complete my mission .

atas namaMU ,
kmi berserah kepadamu.

kami hambaMu yg byk berdosa,
tidak layak untuk syurgaMU.
namun , tidak jugak kami sanggup untuk nerakaMU .

sekali aku rebah , sejuta kali aku bangun " , ramlee ag. murshid .

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