Sunday, December 18, 2011

glee club : oh leupooouutt!

Salam.. Heyyo guys.. 

Seems be too long i didnt post anythng here :)

Woahhh. This is sem two life.

Glimpsing back to sem 1 life thres some sweet moments n sour.. 

Im okay wth tht..

Here i meet a lots of frenz.. Okay lets make it clear.. Ni la my best friendzzz flm pic tu..

Nadz. Belle. Zainul. Allan :)

Tu yg plg rpt.. Act kmi satu tuo smua rpt.. Tp ni geng gilak music ng aku.. Bestt..

Why glee club? 

Best. We are joining glee cmption. 

Yeah we gonna sing danfe n act..

Aftr satu satu aku ikt..adeh.. Haha

Xpa.. Ni stu journey..

May Allah bless...

Till then bye peeps!

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